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  • Private Wellness & Fitness Studio  (One on One PRIVATE sessions and group training)
  • Lifestyle Fitness Coaching (Personal and Professional Growth & Development Programs)
  • Retreats  (Corporate Team Building, Wellness & Body Improvement and Fitness & Adventure Retreats)
  • Super Supplement Products (Vitamins, minerals, amino acids & herbs formulated to assist and improve  mental & physical function and recovery.




             JoyeFit Super Supplement Products  


                      The JoyeFit Institute SUPER SUPPLEMENT system consist of the A.M Multi Antioxidant Complete, P.M. Youth Formula and Bone & Joint Complete. All specifically formulated with all natural products made and manufatured in the U.S.A.  A complete combination of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids & Herbs formulated to REPAIR, REPLENISH AND REBUILD with specific attention placed on nutrients that assist and balance brain chemistry to improve memory, mood, ability to focus and over all mental  function.


               To place orders please call 727-236-0440 and for more detailed information on the super nutrients in the JoyeFit's Super Supplement Products, please go to our supplement page....... 


JoyeFit Mission Statement

To serve by promoting individual and corporate strength & wellness, well being and by expanding consciousness and awareness through fitness and mind body integration.

To heal fears and rid limitations by embracing new adventures and experiences that will give your spirit a thrill of a lifetime.

To provide a vacation like retreat that will clear the mind, strengthen the physical body and renew the spirit, coupled with five star accommodations and experiences.

To love by sharing the secrets of a world that desires to reflect its true greatness and manifest the true potential inherent in each of us.

To respect and honor all that a person is, all that a person does and all that a person desires.


We are in the business of Personal Growth and Development, Body ImprovementSuper Supplement Products and Wellness & Adventure RetreatsJoyeFit's Private Fitness Studio provides Certified Fitness Trainers & Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coaches that address all that a person is, all that a person does and all that a person desires. The studio provides programs for Weight Loss, Sport Specific Programs, Core Conditioning Programs, Post Rehabilitation Training, just to name a few. (For more information on services, please go to our fitness page.) 
 Are you  Tired? Stressed?  Has life robbed you of your vitality and spirit? Does your  management team need motivation and a fresh start? LOOK No Further! We are in the business of personal development using a  unique mind/body fitness approach. I have devoted my life to  teaching others how to improve their lives through physical fitness, proper  nutrition, active living and   the power of positive thought. We have designed a unique training program to improve your physical body, increase awareness and renew the spirit in a 6 day retreat package. this retreat includes, private accommodations in a beautiful private estate, daily unique fitness sessions, 3 exciting adventures in nature, transportation to/from San Jose airport (per investment schedule) to your estate and healthy gourmet meals geared towards health & weight loss (breakfast, lunch & dinner - per investment schedule) prepared by your own private chef. Additional services such as massage, spa treatments, private fitness training, coaching and nutritional consults are available based on investment schedule. We are committed to providing the environment that will allow you to decompress, relax the mind, inprove the physical body and embrace mother nature in one of the most protected rain forest in the world. The location is remote enough to feel dis-attached yet provides all of the modern ammenities of a 5 star hotel. Our mission is to provide a vacation like retreat and a experience in personal development that is Relaxing, fun, inspiring, educational and empowering. Designed for individuals as well as corporate teams geared to provide stimulation, physically, mentally & spiritually. You will leave this experience feeling, relaxed, energized, focused and with improvement in your physical & mental health. A unique one of a kind RETREAT  without obsessive structure and information.  We cater each retreat to fit your agenda. 

You will be in a country  that promotes peace & education while preserving the ENVIRONMENT to the  greatest degree. It was during my time in paradise, the vision came to me. The thought of taking individuals and corporate teams to this place to experience the peace of mind, fun & exciting  adventures in nature and amazing beauty, has now become a reality.  Join me, Johnny Oye (trainer & lifestyle fitness coach) and my team on an experience that you will remember for a life time. For detailed information on what to expect from a JOYefit retreat visit our "about US" PAGE.
Imagine this, waking up in your own  private estate to the sounds of surf and birds chirping; you are  surrounded by lush tropical jungle and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. You  can see Parrots and toucans from a distance as you are watching mono Titi monkeys  swinging by from limb to limb foraging the trees for fruit and seeds.  You  are nestled in one of the most protected rain forest in the world. You can smell  the organic coffee and healthy breakfast that you will enjoy while surrounded by  this amazing beauty. The nutrients fuel your body and mind for the morning  yoga/pilates session that stretches & strengthens your  Body and relaxes your mind.   Feel the muscles in your body relax and contract as your mind is free of all  worries.
Then imagine, you are on the first of several adventures; feel the  challenge and power of the river as you and others are white water rafting, feel  the sense of achievement and joy. Or imagine the way that it feels as you  ZIP-LINE through the rainforest from platform to platform while embracing mother  nature all around you.  Feel the ADRENALINE RUSH through your body! Then  returning to your private suite to the magic of healing hands, waiting to rub  and stretch the stress from your body. And the aroma of herbs and  spices from the healthy meal that your private chef is preparing for you. Using  local, organic natural foods. And then enjoying your delicious meal while watching the  sunset in to the Pacific Ocean. Just Imagine.....A one of a kind retreat that is beyond the destination! Sign up Today....
 For more information on Retreats please go to the Retreats, Adventure or Accommodations Pages.  Thank You!
 "What a way to refresh and energize the soul! My trip to Costa Rica with Johnny and the group was unforgettable.  From the spectacular views to the exhilarating adventures... I had a blast from the moment that I stepped off of the plane.  The estate and service were the same if not better than any five star hotel, I can't wait to go back next year!" T. Arranaga 2007
"I have gained life long friends with the group that I shared the experience with and they feel like family.  It was great fun and more importantly positive conversation.  It was a perfect combination of fun, exercise, adventures and relaxation."  K. Kielty 2008
"What I thought would be just another vacation soon became an amazing life changing experience.  Johnny's balance of mind-body-spirit is so unique and fulfilling." Richard P 2006


The JoyeFit Institute proudly intoduces businesses that share our vision to make a positive change in the world. The  GTS Collection LLC is spreading the Majik!

GTS Mission Statement

Acknowledging the wave of awakening of humanity, Got The Secret TM serves to unite mankind on a global scale, emphasizing ONENESS. We now have a mass population willing to extend it's hand with an open heart, eager to embrace others on their journey. But how can you recognize them as a whole ??? The patented Symbolic Inner Compass is a powerfull symbol, created as a means to recognize those who "choose" to think, speak and act in the positive, those working with all their good from within, who are thereby changing our world. The symbol serves to empower every man, woman and child to discover and embrace  their unique brand of Majik, their truth, to shine like only they can, to draw from the power within, trusting their inner compass, and from their connectedeness with all that is, reaching out to their fellow man in love * respect * and harmony, spreading the majik of living in the positive!

GOAL: To help others find their way, by making those who have " Got The Secret" not such a secret, through display of the symbolic Inner Compass, thereby, encouraging interaction and success!!

Thank You for choosing to make a positive difference...

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